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LSx releases Energising London Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit

Aimed at small charities and community organisations the newly released tool kit aims to provide a guide for planning and delivering Monitoring and Evaluation within projects. The toolkit is part of LSx's Energising London programme. Energising London is an ongoing project that aims to support and empower communities in London.

aims to recognise, reward and promote
innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership in sustainability.London Infrastructure Plan 2050: LSx Consutlation Events Findings

London Infrastructure Plan: LSx Consultation Findings Event 

LSx presents its findings reports for the two London Infrastructure Plan 2050 consultation events it hosted on behalf of the GLA at City Hall last November.

- What you said -  Young Londoner's Consultation Event

- What you said - Circular Economy Consultation Event



Mayor Pushed To Extend London's Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) To All Of London To Improve The Capital's Air Quality

The Mayor’s proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone could finally be urged beyond Central London if the Capital's boroughs get their way. With the Capital's air pollution problem now estimated to contribute to the death of 7,500 every year, the boroughs argue that the success of the ULEZ rests on its ability to lower emissions across the Capital, not just in central areas. Camden, Southwark, Hackney and Lambeth councils have already indicated their interest in joining and expanding an emissions zone.The call comes from Labour's London Assembly Environment Spokeswoman Murad Qureshi who said that without an expanded emissions zone, vast swathes of London would be left to face a 'needlessly toxic future'.  

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