Clean Air & The Environmental Bill

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The Environmental Bill which is expected later in 2019 is set to create a legal framework for leaving the EU as well as for the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan. With improving air quality being one of the main objectives,  LSx along with other members of the Healthy Air Campaign  have supported and set out a briefing [1] with targets that we think the bill needs to deliver for cleaner air in the UK.

It is vital that fighting air pollution is a core part of the bill as it affects everyone and is particularly dangerous for the most vulnerable individuals across the UK such as children, older people, those with existing health problems, outdoor and transport workers and people from deprived backgrounds. This briefing is being used as part of ongoing national policy discussions with bodies including Greener UK.

Read the briefing here.

[1] Healthy Air Campaign – Clean Air and the Environment Bill briefing – Jun…


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