The London Environment Strategy- What people told us they wanted

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Once again our heartfelt congratulations to Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses – our 2017 winners of the Sustainable City Awards! It is always good to see those working hard on sustainability to get recognised.

This summer we will have seen the visions and plans for London’s Mayor and how he and his team are establishing a better quality for life for us all.  Last month we saw the publication of the Draft London Transport Strategy, which set a clear vision that by 2041 we will see walking and cycling to be the transport of choice for Londoners. We have a long way to go to meet the Netherlands and Denmark the world’s top cycling nations in their transport plans, or even the vision of one Stuttgart Judge –  but it is excellent to hear those targets set out plainly.   Many of us would have liked to hear of ambitious targets from our government in their pollution busting strategy which was published last month. With over 25,000 people dying prematurely and at least a £25Bn cost to our health budgets – to tackle austerity and deliver better quality of life we know that pollution will need to be a priority.

This month we will see the publication of the Environment Strategies and LSx is proud to have worked with Assembly Member Leonie Cooper and our sponsors Thames Water, UKPN and SPG to have explored our ambitions for the Environment Strategies and the London Plan. Our communities saw that planning and getting the London Plan would be a key instrument to realising Mayor’s Quality of life ambitions. And so our report outlines community considerations – things that we would like to be included in the LES, but with all our ambitions we realise that whilst we need to set a pathway to 2030 or 2050 – we need a speedy change now and that must be a priority in these times of austerity and rising fuel bills

  • A strong environmental framework that tackles our decline in biodiversity, and combat the changes in CAP and budget cuts.
  • Marketing campaigns to inspire environmental behaviours for all Londoners such as – morality of holidays.
  • Innovation and green entrepreneurs to be supported by the Local Enterprise Partnership for London, an engine for driving good growth or
  • Strong support for community energy in London with a FIT buying community energy at an agreed rate.
  • Energy 4 Londoners could set up a new fair energy supplier for our electricity to create fairer electricity bills.
  • Working with the private rented sector to combat fuel poverty.
  • Setting pollution targets for PM2.5 PM10, and NOX that are in line with WHO rather than EU.

As well as the London Plan we will also need to ask our communities to consider National Planning Policy Framework and guidance should look like as they are reviewed in December of this year,

One thing is clear as our health communities set out their guidance for cleaner air, the demand for a Clean Air Act is strong amongst our communities as well as the rest of the British public.  We know that the demand for electric vehicles is set to grow, we will need both infrastructure as well as power.  Whilst European collaborations have helped with this in the past – It opens up some of the fierce challenges that need to address in our Brexit negotiations.  The Mayor is fighting to keep London open and improve our quality of life – we must help by offering specific areas where we think improvements can be made.