Volunteering with LSx

By April 9, 2019 No Comments

Volunteering with LSx has been one of the most rewarding and developmental three months of my life.


During my time I have learnt so much about the environmental and social issues that London faces. The work that LSx does is current and progressive. Prior to coming to LSx I was never really aware of the how severe the levels of air pollutants in our atmosphere were. I’ve gotten to help on projects teaching young children about air pollution, helping them run workshops to measure NO2 levels around their school. The work LSx does really is on the forefront of changing the sustainability landscape in the UK.


The office environment is friendly and welcoming. All the staff here have diverse backgrounds with regards to their education and their previous experience. So it’s really interesting to see everyone’s different strength come to the table to make our projects work. All the volunteers are given primary projects but we all work across projects together so there’s a strong sense of teamwork in the office.


My role at LSx has been as the communications volunteer. I was trained on various systems and then given independence to function in my role. I got to write newsletters and bulletins from scratch, I learnt how to use the website software and I ran all the social media accounts. Throughout my time here, help was always given in the office whenever I came across something new!


My highlight of working at LSx has been getting to be part of the strategy development team for an upcoming Brentford Together project. Being part of the very first stages of such a large project was an incredible learning tool. As a volunteer my voice was really heard and I was able to contribute to key decisions that have gone on to define the project. Specifically, as the communications intern I was given creative freedom to design branding and marketing material.


From a professional point of view being part of this charity has given me the opportunity to undertake responsibilities that I otherwise would not have been able to. I can now say that I took on roles and completed tasks that interns in larger organizations are likely to not have been taught to handle.


Overall, LSx has done a fantastic job of marrying the ability to teach interns about the core values that the charity fights for, and the professional skills that each intern needs to succeed in their future.