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21st November 2016

Many of you have told LSx just how important a sustainable city is for making our city a joy to live in –at our Future London Events at the Crystal over the past few months. Next month we will turn to health, happiness and affordability of London. We are using these seminars to inform our response to the Mayoral ambitions as set out in the City for Londoners consultation which closes on the 11th December – it’s pretty important to think about the London context and the international back drop. Given his appointments it doesn’t look as though that the president elect of the United States is heeding the warnings that Leonardo Di Caprio in the film Before the Flood. Our only hope now is that US public opinion thinks that climate change has already begun!

Whilst we don’t know what the startling Brexit judgement will mean for us regarding the role of parliament; we can only hope that communities will be included in the thinking. We know that hard-Brexit and even some hybrid options may pose challenges for pollution, biodiversity and energy policies.

Recent events have given us great cause for hope for the future:

Client Earth’s major success in courts – asking our government to think again about pollution targets,

• The COP21 Paris agreement came into force, having passed the threshold of countries ratifying the Paris Agreement. And quite importantly for us in the UK – the fact that we have ratified it! And those of you who think that the US is likely to pull out, it is now evident that this could take four years.

And on the 23rd November we will have the autumn statement. One thing people have expressed concerns over is if the treasury were to become the dead hand to sustainability. There have been calls that the autumn statement should boost community energy, which sadly went unheard last year, and enable the fourth and fifth carbon budget to be put into action. Whilst the Committee on climate change agree that we have met the first, second and third budgets, we are likely to undershoot the fourth and fifth carbon budget. The CCC said that this will require existing progress to be supplemented by more challenging measures.

LSx will be working with London’s communities and businesses to keep the pressure on our politicians. We will be holding workshops and events ensuring that we get clean air following the momentous ruling. Now that we have ratified the Paris agreement in the UK, we will also be holding workshops to support Energy for Londoners.