Air pollution is one of the greatest health challenges facing our cities, with thousands across the country unknowingly living in areas of high pollution. Five highly polluted cities (Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and Southampton) are set to establish Clean Air Zones by 2020. We want to make sure that the voices of people living in the most polluted neighbourhoods are heard in the process. Cleaner Air 4 Communities: England engages with local groups and works with them to take action against pollution so they can help shape the Clean Air Zone in their city.

What are Clean Air Zones?

Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are areas in which targeted action is taken to reduce levels of air pollution. The city council’s are set to decide the CAZ areas by the end of 2018. If you want to learn more you can read the Clean Air Zone Framework

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     Get Involved 

We are looking for community groups based in one of the six cities. The project welcomes any groups; you don’t have to already be engaged with environmental issues – you may simply be worried about the high levels of pollution in your city and want to learn more.

If you are interested in learning how to protect your health against the harmful effects of air pollution or where the most polluted areas in your city are, there are a number of ways local groups can be a part of the project:

Take part our citizen science training, which will enable you to conduct experiments which will show where the areas of high pollution are.  Your findings can then be used to create a personalised action plan as well as being used to influence the action taken by the city council
Attend local events, to learn more about what is happening around you to fight against air pollution – contact us to find out when and where they are happening in your city!
Sign up to our e-bulletin which will include project updates, air quality news and handy tips on fighting air pollution

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