“The project has contributed to our wider organisational goals as it has empowered learning disabled adults to become more independent and increased their personal feeling of well-being and contributed to a rise in their self -esteem." SpeakOut, Well Brentford and Syon participant


“It’s better all around, because when you know other people in your area, you feel better” Waltham Forest Delivery Team member


London’s government, public health professionals, Health and Well-being boards and the VCS sector are all committed to reducing the wide disparities in Londoners’ well-being, length and quality of life.  LSx delivers ground-breaking action research projects with communities, testing what works in relation to health and well-being, reducing isolation and building resilience.

  • We develop preventative activities – co-produced by participants – to encourage wellness in a whole community. LSx helped shape the Well London approach, in providing cost effective intervention
  • We use interactive tools such as GIS asset maps to identify people vulnerable to extreme weather or help people find out about well-being resources in their neighbourhoods
  • We can recruit and support community groups and champions to work through their social networks to promote healthy eating, mental well-being and physical activity

To discuss possibilities to work with London Sustainability Exchange, please call 0207 234 9400.

Case Studies

Well Brentford and Syon

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Well London: Buywell

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