Our Air Quality programme

Exemplifies how communities can work powerfully for change. Local groups and schools are enabled to establish the hard facts about air quality in their area, use this information to inform their travel behaviours, and through peer to peer influence, develop more sustainable travel behaviours. We are developing ways to use “big data” to specifically target health and planning policy in London.

Our Green Entrepreneur programme

Capitalises on London’s growing green economy, which currently employs 160,000 Londoners. It flips the waste paradigm: working with community groups to recast waste as a valuable resource and bring the reuse market closer to a ‘tipping point.’ Other entrepreneurs work in a range of sectors such as new technology, provide hearty meals and reach out to those in isolation.

Our Energy & Resilience programme

Engages with communities to empower healthy and sustainable lifestyles, enabling this to be a social norm. These projects often involve identifying the key individuals in a community, who in turn influence their friends and neighbours. We work across London’s 33 Boroughs and beyond.

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