London supports a wide diversity of wildlife habitats, including woodlands, rivers and wetlands, heaths, hedgerows, gardens and scrub, supporting over 13,000 species. London’s gardens provide valuable habitat for a range of wild plants and animals, covering nearly a quarter of Greater London. They are a key resource for conserving London biodiversity and are also important with regards to the predicted impact of Climate change by decreasing flood risk and reducing the urban heat island effect.

London Sustainability Exchange delivers projects that engage communities with their green spaces, providing education and activities that work towards conserving and supporting biodiversity in the capital.

Our work focuses on directly engaging the public because:

  • Gardens are a significant conservation resource, however their management is outside of government/authority control
  • Research shows 75% of young Londoners are not connected to nature


Last year, the London Sustainability Exchange (LSx) embarked on this pilot project aimed at supporting communities in Wandsworth to utilise their green spaces. You can find out more about this project by reading our case study.

2017 Case Study


Our current Pollinator Paths project is up and running and local gardens near you! Visit our page below to find out more information about our upcoming events and for more details.

Our 2018 Project

Case Studies

Pollinator Paths – Wandsworth

Wandsworth Breathes