Partner Organisations

Multiple Charities and Community Organisations

Funded by

Trust for London




Multiple Boroughs across London



This was the second phase of Cleaner Air 4 Communities, and aimed at working to raise the voices of Londoners who suffer disproportionally from environmental justice. We wanted to set out to create a mass movement of community action to improve air quality in London. Specifically this was through working with local organisations and voluntary groups to create a shift in public attitudes.


Overall, we successfully worked with 31 separate community groups across multiple London boroughs and set up the Air Quality Action Network. We also responded to 7 consultations on Air Quality throughout the project.


Throughout the project we:

100 community champions trained

15 action planning workshops took place and 29 air quality events

Direct beneficiaries reached 9012

Further project with Westway Trust on Green Infrastructure


(I was able to) share my concerns with like-minded groups. Learn some clear facts about pollution levels in cities

Champions, Transition Team

(I gained a) greater understanding of change from the community up”

Champion, Peckham Group