Funded by

City Bridge Trust


2011 – 2012


Toynbee Hall


Toynbee Hall is a long-established organisation based in the east end of London. The charity’s main mission is to work towards bridging the gap between people of all social and financial backgrounds, with a focus on working towards a future without poverty. It’s situated on a substantial piece of land owned by Toynbee that houses buildings of a variety of purposes and tenants.

LSx was commissioned to enable Toynbee Hall to reduce its overall environmental impact. After a first audit, LSx presented several recommendations across different environmental aspects (such as water use, energy efficiency, procurement and policy). This audit results were followed up by the organisation’s commitment to put them in practice. After one year, LSx audited Toynbee Hall and verified that the implementation of the recommendations led to measurable results.


78% decrease in electricity usage

43% increase in gas usage

2% decrease in water consumption

167% increase in recycled waste