Partner Organisations

10 foodbanks across London

Funded by

Department of Energy and Climate Change




Colindale, Wimbledon, Hackney, Haringey, Ruxley, Epsom, Tadworth, Banstead, Epsom & Ewell, North Enfield


LSx worked with food banks across London to provide vulnerable and disadvantaged people with practical advice for making their homes more energy efficient. We recruited and trained food bank volunteers as Energy Champions to offer information, advice and energy saving materials according to the needs of their clients.

The four month project helped 154 households to save an estimated total of £19,000 in fuel costs per year by changing their behaviour and implementing energy saving measures such as sealing up drafty windows or fixing radiator valves.


10 community groups involved
33 volunteers recruited
2,400 people engaged
2,700 tonnes reduction in CO2 emissions per year


The guidance given at the training about this subject was very useful and two clients subsequently came back to say they had managed to get hardship payments. They did not know about this option until I mentioned it to them as DWP don’t advertise it.

Mary Powell, Energy Champion