Partner Organisations

London Food Link, London Remade, Carbon Descent, Considerate Hoteliers, Hospitable Climates and Envirowise

Funded by

London Development Agency


2006 – 2009




LSx worked with 6 partners to reach over 300 businesses, supporting them to operate more efficiently, achieve savings and boost profits through: reducing waste and increasing recycling, sourcing food more sustainably, conserving energy and water, and improving the green skills of their workforces.

LSx also produced the Green Food Menu, telling anyone who accesses it all they need to know about Greener Food, and offers top tips for using the tools to measure one’s own green performance.


300 businesses supported through events and free materials

A further 300 individuals trained, across the food sector


In March we’re changing our contract with the waste suppliers, and we’re looking for people that can recycle bottles and cardboard, and we’re consciously looking into saving energy in terms of electricity. Can’t think of any recommendations we didn’t follow.

Hari Nagaraj, Head Chef, The Cinnamon Club