Partner Organisations

Community Gardens in Wandsworth

Funded by

The People’s Postcode Lottery and Western Riverside Environmental Fund (WREF)




Wandsworth – Putney, Tooting, Bramford and Rose Community Gardens



The projects aim was to increase the availability of forage and habitat for flying pollinators through engaging the local citizens in gardening activities. Additionally, the project aimed to foster community cohesion and establish a better connection between the gardens and locals. This was done through involving 4 community gardens as ‘hubs’. Plant kits were distributed to participant households and support was provided through online social media and training sessions.

The outcomes of the project were successful with increasing the number of forage patches for pollinators as well as increasing the knowledge and awareness of pollinator biodiversity amongst local communities. In addition, participants found they improved their confidence and skills in gardening; they felt an increased sense of connection to their local communities; and their wellbeing increased from participating in the project.

Following the project, toolkits are currently being distributed to community members so they can launch a similar project independently. Further funding has also been gained from WREF for a secondary instalment of Pollinator Paths in 2018. LSx are currently applying for funding from City Bridge Trust to extend the project and expand it into two further boroughs.


85% increase in wellbeing from participants

80% participants felt more connected to their community

Engaged around 120 people from 72 households

4 local gardening projects connected

10 workshops held

6 events held

82 Facebook group members – 180 posts, over 600 “likes” and 110 comments

9 blogs published


I have learnt a lot about pollinators and the variety of them. I have also learnt a lot more about planting for wildlife. It has also been great to meet other participants and make connections with other community gardens

Respondent from Tooting Community Garden

A main benefit of being involved in this project is having a new connection with the community garden and getting to know people in my local area that have the same sense of caring for the environment

Respondent from Bramford Community Garden