Partner Organisations

Neasden Parents Group, Pakistan Community Centre, Association of Patidars, Harvest Church, CVS Brent, Al Badhja, Jain Centre, SUFRA, Community Health Action Trust, Young Jains

Funded by

Brent Council Voluntary Sector Initiative Fund




Across the London Borough of Brent


LSx worked with community groups to educate and motivate residents in Brent to reduce their personal carbon footprints. We partnered with local groups, recruited volunteer champions and helped them run a series of activities encouraging people to form new carbon-reducing habits in their daily lives. Primarily working with strong social networks in Brent who are not already interested in environmental issues, the workshops engaged them through topics and activities they are already interested in, such as their faith or their health and well-being.

Participants ‘pledged’ to develop new behaviours including; turning off lights when they are not needed, taking more journeys on foot, by bike or on public transport, and recycling more. In total 2,400 people in Brent pledged to take action that would combine to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 2,700 tonnes per year.


10 community groups involved
33 volunteers recruited
2,400 people engaged
2,700 tonnes reduction in CO2 emissions per year

2 Brent


Playing games and action plans are a great way to learn new things

Participant, Al Bahjda

It was a great event. I got to meet new people, learn how to save money and the environment and sharing awareness

Participant, Sufra