Partner Organisations

Westway Trust, London Air Quality, Public Health England

Funded by

Westway Trust







The aim of this project is to improve the quality of local green spaces within the Westway Trusts estate. LSx provided support for the design of green infrastructure with the involvement of the local community to address high levels of air pollution.


The key objectives were:


  • Utilising greenery to limit the impact of air pollution from the Westway and increase overall area aesthetic;
  • The betterment of the community’s wellbeing by providing accessible green space for all;
  • Improving local health conditions through promoting outdoor physical activity;
  • Promoting community engagement by involving the locality in the design and planning process, thus encouraging awareness of air quality


  • 20 people reached
  • Engaged 150 people from the local community
  • Designed around 700m2* of Green Infrastructure
  • 5 LSx volunteers mentored

    *estimated based on the summary report design


    LSx have worked sensitively and creatively with our active group of residents championing better air quality around the Westway through workshops and citizen science.

    Marie Monaghan, Westway Trust

    “I was satisfied to hear about what’s going on locally by Westway (and LSx)”

    Cynthia Dize, Local resident