Partner Organisations

Cathja, Disability Network Hounslow, Kids Cookery School, Speak Out in Hounslow, Hounslow Community Foodbox

Funded by

LB Hounslow


2015 – 2016


Brentford and Syon


Well Brentford and Syon aimed to activate and connect the local community. We worked closely with organisations providing services to people with particular challenges – such as people in financial hardship, people with enduring mental health issues, and people with disabilities to:

  • Understand their aspirations
  • Help them develop new skills, knowledge and confidence
  • Capacity build and support them to share this with the wider community

London Sustainability Exchange led 16 specialist training sessions for local groups such as; woodworking skills, preserving, enterprise training and a Dragon’s Den, gardening, community coffee events, creating a Healthy Cooking DVD accessible to adults with learning difficulties which has been shared widely, an asset mapping exercise and a CV writing skill sharing session.

As a result, participants have gained skills and confidence to contribute towards wellbeing, resilience and healthy lifestyles. We also established gardens and social enterprises to act as catalysts for continued growth of social capital and well-being in the area, ensuring we have a lasting impact on communities. Disability Network Hounslow are continuing to run their community garden, with weekly gardening sessions. DNH have been able to  deepen their outreach and expand their services, for example by sharing produce for community lunch events and running food preserving sessions.


530 community members gained new knowledge and skills

2 social enterprises, 2 gardens and 1 innovate project initiative started

15 training sessions held, 1 Dragons Den event & 1 Project Celebration Dinner

52 community led events held

9 tonnes/yr approximate carbon savings

£22,000 /yr approximate financial savings


The project has contributed to our wider organisational goals as it has empowered learning disabled adults to become more independent and increased their personal feeling of well-being and contributed to a rise in their self -esteem.

‘Speak Out in Hounslow’ participant

The person who undertook training has been sharing with others, building up a core group from The Cathja Project that he is working with, sharing with others by selling French polished items, raising money for the project which supports 40 persons (and informally their families)

‘Friends of Cathja’, partner organisation