Partner Organisations

Cycle Training UK, Merton Chamber of Commerce, Try Twickenham, Sustainable Merton, South West London Environmental Network, Love Wimbledon, Richmond Business & Retail Association and Merton Cycling Campaign.

Funded by

London Borough of Richmond and London Borough of Merton




London Borough of Richmond and London Borough of Merton



Workplace cycling engagement programme for Merton and Richmond boroughs aims to incentivize cycle to work among the business community, overcoming physical (storage of bicycle at home and at work and safety on and off the roads), personal (physical fitness and ability) and socio-cultural (shower facilities at work and appropriate business attire) barriers.

The cycle skills training gave information to participants of cycle safety, maintenance, air pollution issues and promoted cycle routes to avoid pollution. In addition, during practical training a variety of subjects were covered including basics and more advance cycling practices.

Those that made part of this project increased their confidence in their cycling ability, skills and their desire to cycling to work.


763 people and 259 businesses engaged through outreach activities and public events

10 businesses completed cycle training sessions

60,127 people received information about cycle training and air pollution through social media

90% of participants found the training useful, increasing their cycle skills and desire to cycle to work more often


I’m able to ride well and safely, which encourages me to ride to work more often

Cycle Training Participant

The training built my confidence and taught me how to deal with traffic

Cycle Training Participant