Boosting your physical resilience Toolkit – With threatening levels of air pollution and other environmental factors adversely affecting the health of Londoners, it is becoming increasingly important to maintain and improve physical resilience. A good healthy lifestyle (including not smoking) can have a huge impact, even in polluted areas.

Faith and Power Communications Toolkit – This Toolkit provides insights of working with two cultural groups within the Islamic audience in the context of energy saving and support.

M&E Toolkit – This toolkit aims to help you become more confident in planning and delivering Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in your projects. By explaining how and why M&E matters, this toolkit will guide users through the M&E process, and build confidence about integrating it into all projects, no matter how large or small.

What Really Works Toolkit – This piece of work set out to talk to ‘hardly reached’ people and communities who wouldn’t normally find environmental issues interesting or important. The conclusions are not a definitive list, but offer insight into how communities can be engaged in environmental issues.

Making Sense of the Change – Approximately 80% of voluntary organisations work in the health and social care field; two areas that are seeing radical reforms by the Government. This report aims to give an overview of the changes and consider how they might impact on frontline and strategic organisations.

Green Guide for Offices – This Toolkit aims to provide a quick and easy reference for voluntary and community sector organisations on resources they can use to help put sustainable development into practice.

Air Pollution Action Planning Toolkit – This toolkit provides you with the resources you need to develop an action plan to tackle air pollution in your local area.

Cleaner Air 4 Schools Toolkit – This toolkit provides tools to identify areas of poor air quality around your school and gives ideas and activities for engaging staff, pupils and parents/carers in improving air quality. This toolkit is for use by teachers, governors and support staff and the maintenance team.

Reduce Your Energy  Bills – Top tips on how to reduce your energy bills and claim grants & tax credits entitlement.

Fit to Drink – Commissioned by Thames Water, LSx delivered the Fit to Drink campaign, which sought to shift consumption from bottled to tap water in a vibrant faith community, using tried and tested social marketing, peer to peer behaviour change techniques.

Eco Calendar – Find out what eco-activities you can do throughout the year!

Doing Your Bit at Work – Find out what you can do at work to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint, covering recycling, energy saving, commuting and energy performance.

Doing Your Bit at Home – Saving Energy, Water and Waste in the Home. Also how you can reduce your carbon footprint but altering your shopping and transport habits.