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Abshir Weli – Project Assistant

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Abshir delivers a range of LSx projects, developing healthier, more resilient communities, particularly in disadvantaged neighbourhoods which are under-reached by mainstream initiatives. By co-delivering our programme for Greening the Third Sector, he is supporting organisations across London through the provision of Eco-Audits.

Abshir is currently focusing on our 2017-18 Faith and Utilities initiative. The programme is informed by our evidence base on London’s faith communities in relation to their attitudes to energy and water, and how best to engage with them. Abshir is growing our network of Green Mosques across London and beyond, training ‘champions’ to give practical advice to vulnerable households experiencing fuel and water poverty, enabling greater access to critical utility services.

As a former Advisor for Local Green Points and Researcher at the Natural Resource Governance Institute, he is passionate about influencing public policy and practices that empower communities to work towards sustainable lifestyles and greater well-being. Abshir draws on his intimate knowledge of the capital, having been a Londoner for over 20 years. With a BA in International Relations (Leic) and an MSc in International Development (SOAS, Uni of Lon), his academic background ranged from the study of clean energy transitions to the governance of global extractives.