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UCL Forum 22nd February 2016

UCL Health, Ageing and Wellbeing Forum

In the congested urban environment of London, our own health and well-being is often neglected. The projected 46% rise in over-65s and the doubling of the over-90s age group by 2029, will put great stress on the NHS. The quality end of life care that we take for granted will suffer as mobility issues and suitable housing reach crisis point. This event aims to generate potential solutions to combat the causes of the negative influences that threaten our ageing population, so that we are better prepared for the future. Attendees will have the opportunity to team up with other experts in the field and pitch project ideas to receive funding and support from UCL's Engineering Exchange.

The second community event in this series was a great success. Academics and delegates were planning projects for:

- How to reduce isolation (particularly of the more elderly ageing population)

- How the external environment fails to encourage physical activity and social interaction

- How can we make technological support more available to those who could benefit most from it

- How dissolved oxygen in household heating systems contributes to more expensive bills and maintenance costs (and how Oxypod can potentially overcome this)

- How to effectively measure project outcomes

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