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Air Quality

LSx work with a range of community groups to develop pollution busting activities.  We use information gathered form our communities to inform consultations and to work with our elected representatives.

Working with 10 other community groups we have called for a ban on diesel in London - to read this letter click here

To read our response to the Defra consulation on Clean Air Zones click here


Biking is better for business in Merton and Richmond

Aim of the project

In spring 2016 this project aims to engage people to cycle to work to:

  • Develop an understanding of the relationship between air quality, cycling, health and wellbeing;
  • Increase awareness and understanding of air pollution issues in the business community, and how they can help improve air quality;
  • Empower people to cycle to work through increasing cycling confidence of employees;
  • Enjoy cycling and reduce pollution.

Who is involved?

  • Our business partners Try Twickenham and Merton Chamber will help engage businesses through events, newsletters and social media.
  • Community partners, South West London Environment Network (SWLEN) and Sustainable Merton will help measure air pollution and promote cycle training with businesses. 
  • Our cycling partners, Cycle Training UK and Merton Cycling Campaign will train staff in cycle skills and increase their confidence. 

How can I get involved?

If you are a business or an employee:

See 'Biking is Better for Business' and 'Biking is Better for Health' information sheets.   


Cleaner Air for Schools

In terms of supporting behaviour of parents, who were a key target audience for this project, it was successful in achieving some positive behavioural changes amongst parents - with one third of parents driving regularly there was scope to influence driving behaviours, although at the outset idling was not known to be a significant problem behaviour.

  • reduced car travel by 35% (of those who regularly  drive)
  • reduced car idling 11% (of those who travel by car - this coincides with the objective measures of idling seen at the schools gates see below)
  • increased cycling by 58% (of those who cycle) and
  • increased use of public transport by 5%

The idling survey was a valuable tool in enabling the schools to identify the extent of the problem in their area.  Idling was not a problem in all three schools, but doing the survey did give a specific objective measure that the school can continue mentoring and include in their travel plans moving forward.

  • The surveys did identify that there was a reduction in idling of 10% in the where idling was ultimately perceived  as a problem


“We make no idling posters to tell parents on Marylebone Road.  After a few months you will see the changes that have been made”

                         Teacher at St Edward’s. 

“More kids participate, more parents will know.  Kids participate more their parents will know. more” 

                                                     Parent at St Vincent Primary School.


Cleaner Air 4 Communities

We have made huge inroads in supporting communities to work with their local borough officers and health professionals to develop their own action plan to reduce the impact of pollution in their area.  From supporting borough officers in a  monitoring programme in Tooting and Battersea, leading a ‘close the door’ campaign in Clapham Junction, working with retailers, to changing the traffic light sequencing in Merton, or simply raising awareness of the busiest streets in Tower Hamlets.  We have encouraged communities to engage with their local health professionals to develop their own action plans and  

7 boroughs

11 community groups 

43 champions 

18 health professionals and opinion formers 

Over 600 people reached through conferences and events

250,000 people reached through newspaper articles and social media and a potentially over 2 million through TV. 


“Working with engaged and enthusiastic communities is vitally important as we work together to address and prioritise air pollution in the borough, and LSx are an essential part of this”

Gavin Stedman London Borough of Wandsworth

“It made me much more aware of the pollution problems and I am grateful for this.”

Brent resident

“I was so surprised when I saw how bad the pollution is. There is so much that we can do!”

Battersea resident


To get involved, please refer our Cleaner Air 4 Communities infosheet here


Cleaner Air 4 Secondary Schools Southwark: Engages parents, teachers, pupils and school governors across the borough, helping them understand the importance of air quality and introduce them to citizen science techniques, as well as influencing behaviours around travel and transport.

Cleaner Air 4 Communities: CA4C was an innovative citizen science and engagement project to educate, activate and encourage communities involvement in air quality in between July 2013 – June 2015. We engaged 8 borough councils and increased understanding and involvement in air quality issues in 11 community groups. The final report was recently published, and can be read here.


For more information please contact Hannah Gardiner on 0207 234 9404 or email




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