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What we do

We motivate Londoners and businesses to reduce their environmental impacts through behaviour change. LSx takes inspiration from many sources, identifying the critical elements for any given project and continuously building on our own experiences and those of others.

  • Our community-led approaches build on NICE’s guidance and other methods such as participatory budgeting. We reach isolated groups, increase community cohesion and engage people on health in London’s most deprived wards through our Well London programme.
  • We’ve put research into practice, building on strong social networks and working with influential people. For example, our work in London’s Low Carbon Zones promoting energy and water saving behaviours, and Well London Communities promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Building on the Sustainable Development Commission’s 4 E's model, we work to enable and engage public and private sector organisations all over London to better plan their own projects to deliver effective change.
  • We primarily engage with people who are not interested in environmental issues, for example using diverse faiths and cultures as a hook to outreach to London’s communities in our Diverse London and Motivate London programmes.
  • We’ve helped build environmental capacity and given sustainability support to SMEs all over London, often by working with business networks and their community of customers.

Read our report What Really Works - Engaging Hardly Reached Communities (5.45 MB)



Our projects come under four broad areas:

Building resilience: ensuring Londoners are less susceptible to environmental change.

Health and well-being: helping Londoners to make healthier choices.

Communities: helping local decision makers to take a more holistic approach to delivering priorities.

Built Environment: encouraging leaner, greener energy consumption and less waste.

Learning and Skills: growing the sustainability literacy of post 16 Londoners.

Green Entrepreneurs: inspiring individuals to develop green ideas through entreprise training.

2012 Sustainable Legacy : maximising the benefits for London, after the Games have finished.

Action Learning Sets: through the innovative format of our peer learning series, we bring together professionals working at the heart of sustainability issues and facilitate shared learning in a supportive environment.

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