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Green Mosques

This year long project aimed to tackle fuel poverty by using Islamic values to engage the community, and working with their powerful social network to create a new social norm.

The project was successful at achieving its outcomes and overall objectives of tackling energy efficiency and fuel poverty encouraging volunteer-led social action through Islamic values and powerful personal friendship groups.  This success was illustrated by the number of people that the project reached and the practical benefits it resulted in for the community:

  • 532 volunteers engaged in social action
  • 1,193 attended community events subsequently reaching a further 18,038 people
  • 28 professional volunteers gave time to the project providing legal and financial support.


"Once you are in the role you feel more responsible, there is more awareness even if you are not necessarily working at that time, and are always trying to pass on the information and remind people”

Project Champion


“We want to explore Green Energy [for the Mosque] especially as our costs have gone up”

Trustee, Masjid e Umer


“My parents can see that it has made a difference, they understand it better”

Indirect project beneficiary

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