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Building Resilience

Our Current and Previous Programmes, geared to help communities and individuals to be more resilient. In some cases we have developed toolkits as part of the projects, please see links on the project pages or go to our resources section.

Increasing awareness of environmental issues alone isn’t enough. To help make a shift in behaviour and enhance the resilience of communities and individuals, we deliver a number of projects:

Current Projects

Breathe LSx is working with underengaged community groups by connecting them with local experts to build new skills and tackle issues such as fuel poverty and air quality. We are also providing support to individuals and groups to develop their own green businesses.

Wandsworth Breathes We are working with local youth centres to actively enage young people in transforming their local green spaces and imparting entrepreneurial skills to help them grow at the same time

Well Brentford & Syon We are working with LB Hounslow to unlock and develop the social capital of the area, working with local groups to find out what skills and knowledge would help them progress and making sure they get access to it.

Green Mosques: With support from IFEES, MADE in Europe and LSx, Green Mosques aims to reach people in Muslim communities who have the most to benefit from actions that help households save money on their energy bills and reduce their risk of fuel poverty.

Thames Water Faith: LSx, together with UCL, works with London’s faith communities to think about ways of reducing their water consumption. With the average Londoner consuming 160 litres of water a day and nearly 6,000,000 Londoners identifying with a particular faith, tying water efficiency to religious beliefs has the potential to deliver significant water savings in London.

Energise Brent: Project empowering the local community of Brent to faciltate behavioural change through bottom up projects that will assist Brent Council deilver its Climate Change Communications Strategy and Climate Change Champions Scheme.

Cleaner Air 4 Schools: Engages parents, teachers, pupils and school governors at schools in Westminster, helping them understand the importance of air quality as well as influencing behaviours around travel and transport.

Cleaner Air 4 Communities: Following the success of our Cleaner Air 4 Schools project we want to reach out more widely and support communities to take the vital steps in improving air quality in London.

Greening the Third Sector: Advises voluntary sector organisations on how they can become reduce their environmental impacts through free environmental audits.

Warmer Homes: Enabling community members to make low cost retrofits on homes within their local areas, and imparting knowledge of both simple behaviour changes to save energy and grants or tax credits available to those in need.

Smart Homes: It was created with a fund from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the intention was to improve energy efficiency in London houses to deliver better, warmer and greener living spaces for communities whilst reducing carbon footprint. The project offered financial support for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in privately owned properties in six North London Boroughs.

Previous Projects

Green Deal Action Plan: Addressed the role that local organisations can play in cutting through the jargon and engaging their communities in the options available to them.

Energising London: Promotes energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and water conservation across all 33 London Boroughs.

Greenstreets: Aims to work with local communities in the boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, where there have been high incidences of flooding and sewer surcharge, to install Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) in partnership with AECOM.

EcoVate: Supported businesses to reduce their environmental impacts.

Degrees Cooler: Worked with the NUS to encourage staff and students to 'green up' their universities.

Greener Food: Supported over 300 food and drink SMEs to cut their CO2 emissions, waste production and water usage, and helped over 300 people working in the sector to improve their skills.

Climate Change: Increased Londoners’ understanding of climate change and how we can all take action.

Reaching Culturally Diverse Communities: Through innovative social marketing campaigns and champions of change.

Small steps to a greener lifestyle: Encouraged and supported London residents to take up a greener lifestyle.

Fit to Drink: Fit to Drink was a pilot campaign aimed at promoting tap instead of bottled water to East London’s Muslim community.

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